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Diversity, Equality, & Inclusion at Wavely

Building an Inclusive Workforce

At Wavely, we understand the importance of equality and diversity in the workplace and are committed to building an inclusive workforce. We ensure that these values are reflected across all our organizational policies and procedures. We aspire to provide our employees with a work environment that celebrates their diversity and allows them to flourish as individuals.

Our aim is to create products and services that reflect different perspectives and backgrounds and foster innovation and creativity. We hope to establish a work environment that focuses on serving our customers and providing an optimal experience for every individual associated with our company.

Cultural Diversity

We believe in cultural diversity and seek to hire individuals from all around the globe. Our team members hail from a variety of countries and regions that include Romania, Turkey, India, China, England, and the United States.

Having a culturally diverse force has allowed us to tap into different perspectives and create products and services that serve a wide variety of audiences.

Wavely team at a vineyard outing

Representation of Women

Wavely has created a workforce that is led primarily by women. Our unbiased hiring practices place great emphasis on gender equality and representation. We believe in providing equal opportunities to women that enable them to achieve professional growth and occupy leadership positions. Our inclusive work culture has played a critical role in enhancing organizational productivity and enabled us to achieve our goals and objectives.

Circle graph showing that 60% of all hires in 2018 were women

60% of all hires in 2018 were women

Circle graph showing that 80% of all hires in 2018 were women

80% of all hires in 2019 were women

Inclusive Hiring Practices

Our hiring practices have been created to enforce diversity, gender equality, and inclusivity in the workforce

Our Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process has been streamlined to ensure that all hiring decisions are unbiased and add value to the company. We are also constantly evaluating our recruitment process to identify any discrepancies that impact our hiring decisions and go against our values.

Sharing Inclusivity Practices

We conduct training sessions with all our HR professionals and any other individuals involved in the recruitment process. This allows us to make sure that every employee at Wavely is aware of their role in establishing an inclusive workforce that is free of discrimination.

Access to Tools

We utilize hiring tools that allow us to generate a more inclusive and diverse candidate pool. We are also looking for new ways to source talents that may not be as widely represented.

Transparent Communication

We have built a culture of transparency that reflects in our recruitment and hiring processes. We encourage transparent communication across all levels of management and believe in engaging candidates through prompt feedback that helps us improve our recruitment practices.