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Our Alternatives to the Cover Letter


It had been four years since my last job search. As I prepared my documents I wrote various versions of my cover letter, variations that would cater to specific job titles. Once I hopped online to submit applications, what I found surprised me: companies were routinely not requiring cover letters and some weren’t even allowing them! How was I supposed to show off my personality without a cover letter? Here are two cover letter alternatives to get your job search off on the right foot.

The Infographic

One alternative to a stiff cover letter is to create an infographic about your professional journey, achievements, and skills. Even if you’re not a graphic designer, you can quickly and easily make a cool looking infographic with in-browser tools like Canva. By using visual elements you’ll be able to showcase yourself in a way they may not have seen from any other applicant. Consider using: a headshot photo, stats (such as your years of experience or number of completed projects), quotes from references, and company logos. Check out this tutorial, if you’re new to making infographics.

Video Resume

One sure-fire way to attract some attention without a cover letter is to make a 1-minute video resume and link it in your application or, better yet: embed it on a DIY portfolio site. Most companies have gone (either permanently or temporarily) virtual in 2020 meaning that you may never get a chance to physically meet the hiring manager. A one-minute video resume that you can host for free on YouTube or Vimeo is a wonderful way to show off your personality quickly and easily – even if the company has stopped accepting cover letters. As a reminder: it doesn’t have to be a grand production. Get ready as if you’re actually going for an in-person interview, turn on your webcam, and film yourself answering the typical interview question: “Tell me about yourself”.

What changes have you noticed out on your job hunt? This year has changed the way so many companies conduct hiring. Wavely is no exception. Check out why we’re done with the phrase, “Job Seeker” in this 2-minute video here.

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